Sunday, August 23, 2015

Breathe and be Attentive

Mourning the loss of someone, whether it be a pet, friend, family member, an acquaintance, or even the possibility of something tangible, the loss gives us reason to stop and remember.  Each of us at some point in time have felt the impact of loss.  We also know that our loss is not going to impact everyone.  We have our people, our people peoples, acquaintances, those that we just say "hi" to, strangers and those that are in the world that we will never know.  Life continues to move forward. Life should move forward for us too, unless we allow the stress of the loss to hold us down, as we bury ourselves in grief.

I can say for the last month, I have buried myself in grief when I loss my beloved dog, my two aunts, my uncle and when my husband lost his job all within a months time. All of this was much to much for me to hold in my heart.

In the process of our mourning, we must immerse ourselves with our 'peoples' that raise us up when we are down by moving us emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.  We must keep these "peoples" in our inner circles so we can continue to grow and in the growing we must allow God inside our hearts.

If we do not love, we will not experience suffering.  It is in suffering that we can recognize our love in the loss.  I have suffered much and I have loved much.  I have no regrets.  But, in my suffering, I am most guilty in failing to breath and be attentive to Gods love for me.  I fail to breath in the Holy Spirit and be attentive to His word.  I am human, but I am His daughter and He has great things planned for me, and for you. We have to be attentive to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and let the grief transform our love.

When my dog passed, I particularly felt like my heart was being crushed by a freight train, continuous movement by all the moving freight cars, with no sight at the end of the tunnel.  My love for my dog was a love greater than no other love that I had for any other animal that I owned throughout my life time.  She was my "people" and there is no way to measure someone's love for their "people".

Most recently, it was expressed to me that as I enter my new stage of mourning I must "breathe and be more attentive" to God's love and His calling for me.  And, as I take in God's words and breath His breath, I will feel renewed and blessed that He gave my life such beautiful memories to move forward with as I continue to grow with Him.

May your love for one another be strong, passionate, unbridled, unconditional, unfailing, unselfish, forever forgiving, and one with God and may God continue to bless all of you.

Breathe and be attentive.

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